Airline Fees and Tips for Better Flying to Hawaii

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Halloween has come and gone already, which always seems to mark the beginning of the holiday season. For those of you vacationing to Hawaii this winter, be sure to get those activities booked soon because they’re filling up quick! We’ve been having beautiful weather so far this fall and the outdoor activities will surely be the highlight of your vacation.

On an earlier podcast we talked about last minute holiday traveling and why it’s important to book early. This week we’ve got a follow-up to the travel topic and will be talking about airline fees and how to fly most efficiently. Plus we’ll give you a breakdown of the major airline baggage fees and where to best save your money while booking flights. But before that topic, I’ve got some other news stories for you, the first one being the biggest news in the travel industry since checked baggage fees! But this one is good news!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided that it is safe for airline passengers to keep their electronic devices on airplane mode throughout their entire journey. The only catch is that airlines have to prove to the FAA that this won’t affect their landing operations. Find out which airline was the first to meet regulations, and now offers their passengers the luxury of keeping their phone, iPad, iPod, DVD player, laptop, etc. on from gate to gate.

Next is the new airline that’s offering flights between Beijing and Honolulu, and what this service entails. We’ll switch gears to a local news topic that will most likely affect tourists as well- the chicken population on Oahu. Find out why you’ll be seeing (and hearing) more of these feral birds around the island.

In other news, the Hawaii Tourism Authority made an accurate judgment when they said visitors frequenting the islands will begin to slow down. Hear more about this on today’s podcast plus how north shore residents are in a wave of worry over the big swell season. Lastly we’ll tell you about Big Island Candies newest store location on Oahu, so don’t miss this show!