2016 Hawaii airfare deals: 101

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One of the biggest questions we get this time of year is “where are all the cheap airfare deals?” The good news is that airfares are likely going to be lower this year very soon as a result of the low price of oil we’ve been seeing recently. Listen to today’s podcast to hear our take on where airfares are headed and some tips to save on your Hawaii vacation this year.

A recent study shows that airfares across the board were a 8 percent lower in October 2015 then they are this year so far. Data also shows that most of the airlines are expected to grow by 3 to 5 percent which overall means better deals for consumers. The idea is that if the airlines are making more money they are likely to pass it to the consumer.

Unfortunately, the discounts are not as deep for flights to Hawaii. Think of Hawaii as a international destination when it comes to airfare pricing. While we’re seeing decreases in airfare pricing, it’s not nearly as much as other mainland destinations. What might work as a rule of thumb for mainland destinations simply doesn’t always work for Hawaii. For example; research shows that the best deals for airfare are found 57 days in advance for mainland US destinations however, that doesn’t work for Hawaii where the best deals are found 167 days in advance very similar to that of an international destination.

All this being said there’s still plenty of deals to be had and we have them here at Hawaii Aloha travel. On today’s podcast we go over some examples of cheap airfares you can expect and should buy as well as some cheap airfare we have found over the last few days. As far as fare sales go, good luck finding them on the day you want to go especially when it comes to Hawaii vacation that you need to plan way in advance.

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