Airline Fees and Tips for Better Flying to Hawaii

Halloween has come and gone already, which always seems to mark the beginning of the holiday season. For those of you vacationing to Hawaii this winter, be sure to get those activities booked soon because they’re filling up quick! We’ve been having beautiful weather so far this fall and the outdoor activities will surely be the highlight of your vacation.

On an earlier podcast we talked about last minute holiday traveling and why it’s important to book early. This week we’ve got a follow-up to the travel topic and will be talking about airline fees and how to fly most efficiently. Plus we’ll give you a breakdown of the major airline baggage fees and where to best save your money while booking flights. But before that topic, I’ve got some other news stories for you, the first one being the biggest news in the travel industry since checked baggage fees! But this one is good news!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided that it is safe for airline passengers to keep their electronic devices on airplane mode throughout their entire journey. The only catch is that airlines have to prove to the FAA that this won’t affect their landing operations. Find out which airline was the first to meet regulations, and now offers their passengers the luxury of keeping their phone, iPad, iPod, DVD player, laptop, etc. on from gate to gate.

Next is the new airline that’s offering flights between Beijing and Honolulu, and what this service entails. We’ll switch gears to a local news topic that will most likely affect tourists as well- the chicken population on Oahu. Find out why you’ll be seeing (and hearing) more of these feral birds around the island.

In other news, the Hawaii Tourism Authority made an accurate judgment when they said visitors frequenting the islands will begin to slow down. Hear more about this on today’s podcast plus how north shore residents are in a wave of worry over the big swell season. Lastly we’ll tell you about Big Island Candies newest store location on Oahu, so don’t miss this show!

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    Rich F
    8 Nov 2013

    Aloha Bruce,

    As I struggle to get back in synch with EST after our most recent vacation on the islands I was catching up on your podcasts at 2am and figured I should write to comment. Much kudos on the podcast regarding current plane travel to Hawaii. I think it is your most informative to date. As my wife and I typically fly business class because I am over 6 ft tall we have learned over time to buy everything using CITI credit cards while maintaining a zero balance in order to cheaply upgrade on AA to avoid the luggage, space & food issues you spoke about. However, we in the minority being middle class and having been on the islands around 16 times and always picking different island combinations and places to stay. I think the podcast will greatly benefit those on their first (and possibly only) trip to Oahu–the primary Hawaiian destination. I plan to recommend that people listen to it who approach me as they know we return each year and want the inside scoop on Hawaii.

    We just did a 3 island trek and had our first and ONLY experience with Island Air. As a travel agent you might not know that for Molokai and Lanai, they are regularly cancelling midday flights announcing it is due to routine maintenance (in the middle of the day?) I believe it is because their planes, ATR62s, are less than half full. If you know an insider, please verify my statement. They make GO airlines seem fantastic. On three occasions, Honolulu->Molokai, Molokai->Honolulu->Lanai & Lanai->Honolulu we had flights affected. Twice we were changed to later flights. On the third flight, a earlier flight was cancelled and those passengers added to our flight. Construction workers we talked to at Lanai airport said it has become routine there. Some snowbirds on Molokai, gave the same story. We almost missed our American flight back to the mainland due to this. When I confronted counter person at Lanai airport, she said “sadly it is true”.

    Rich & Peg Flowers from PA


    As of Nov 3nd, AA and Island Air want electronic devices turned off during takeoff/landing.

    For 1st/business class AA flights to/from Dallas-Fort Worth, passengers are provided with Samsung 7″ netbooks for watching movies that they can individually pick from a decent size collection of recent and classic movies. I was able to almost finish 3 complete movies in each direction allowing time to pass quicker.

    10 Nov 2013


    Not done with the podcast but I totally advise signing up for an AAdvantage platinum card when they bring out the 50,000 mile deals. A great way to save on your bag check fees as well. first checked bag is free for cardholder and up to 3 or 4 passengers. Also get priority boarding which is nice.

    I use the card for EVERYthing and was able to get my RT nonstop flight in late july on american for free, so we only had to pay for my wife’s flight. Pretty neat saving over $1000 on our airfare!

    Cool to see you have your own podcast in addition to the lwlh podcast!

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