Cheaper Air to Hawaii means higher prices for Hotels

Our Facebook friend Blen Hinton wants to let you know that if you’re headed to Maui chances are you’re going to be staying in a condo so you need to stock up the fridge and pantry with lots of goodies. Then and what’s to shout out Maui Grocery Service will deliver everything you need right to your door.

Neryda Bubb wants to shout out, well, us our friend Wayde! She says “Bruce, you do a fantastic job for everyone and work so hard. And the fact that you’re so accessible even when I’m in a different time zone and country makes a huge difference. Secondly, a shout out to Waydes World Hawaii and the awesome tours he offers around the island. We had an amazing day with him and hes such a top notch bloke.”

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Sandy Faulk wants to tell us about the great business she found on our way to Hana the last time she visited Maui ”
Coconut Glen’s Big Dumb Coconut Stand at mile marker 27 1/2, Road to Hana – first found Glen in 2003 when he had just moved to the island, it just keeps getting better – coconut ice cream in a coconut shell w/a coconut spoon, coconut candy and a SHOW!”

Plan ahead and you won’t be disappointed

Okay Hawaii travelers, you’ve heard. Airfare has gone done. Way down. Which is some of the best news we’ve heard all year. But the flipside to this is that although airfare has gone down, hotels have gone up. And they’re filling up quick. The upcoming winter season and the current “off season” that is typical year after year, is anything but typical this year. Without any “off season” happening for tourism in Hawaii, the hotels are keeping their prices high and selling out quick, making it difficult for vacationers to find accommodations. It’s the old supply and demand rule; the demand is for vacations in Hawaii, and with these cheap airfares, everyone is taking up the offer. But the supply (hotels) isn’t able to keep up, and they’re having to keep their prices high. With limited inventory, travelers are having to look elsewhere than their favored resort for their Hawaiian vacation.

Not to worry though! Hawaii Aloha Travel has the hook ups! While we might not be able to book rooms for our normal “off season” rates, we can still find them, as hard as that’s becoming. Just last week we had a guy wanting to book a hotel in town, but due to the limited availability, we couldn’t find anything affordable, so we booked him a great spot on the North Shore, equally pleasing and just as beautiful! But if you’re thinking of taking a holiday in Hawaii, we recommend that you plan soon, especially because airfare will most likely go back up in the next few weeks. A common misconception is that if the airfare is cheap, then the hotels will be too. This has not been the case in recent weeks and won’t be for the winter months either.

Lahaina vs. Kihei Which is Better?

When people are thinking about visiting Maui, one of he first decisions they make is what part of the island to visit. Today we discuss the Pro’s and Con’s of these two different parts of the Island based on a question we got from one of our Facebook friends. Kihei is located on the southern part of the island and Lahaina is on the west side of the island and part of the area known as Kaanapali. They both have pretty much the same weather however, the south side is thought to be sunnier. Kihei is not considers a resort area in that the accommodations you find there are made up mostly of condos. It’s for that reason you’ll find more “affordable” prices. Many of these condos are older and have not been renovated in years and are either 3 or 4 star rated property’s.

Lahaina is somewhat the “heart” of Maui. it’s quaint converted whalers village that is now lined with shops, restaurants and, museums and entertainment of all kinds. There are only a few options for accommodations however the most affordable places to stay on the west side are located here. Because of it’s close proximity to Lahaina, many people choose to stay in the Kaanapali area because it’s home to many fine 4 and 5 star properties.

Big Mahalo to Melynne Mitchell for the question!