How To Keep Hawaii With You When You Leave

We asked our Facebook fans what they miss most about Hawaii when they leave. We received a long thread of things like the beaches, the fresh fruits, the mai tais and lava flow cocktails, the local foods, the smells of the tropical flowers, and many other aspects, but the things that prevailed most were the comments about missing the weather, aloha spirit, and all around atmosphere. Before I go on, I must say, truly lucky we live Hawaii.

Hawaii represents a lot of things to people. Just ask any person who has traveled here for a Hawaii vacation and they will go on and on about all the things they love about the place. Often times, when I’m back on the mainland, I find myself avoiding telling people that I live in Hawaii. It seems to open up a can of envy, not to mention a long conversation about their latest trip out to the islands. Don’t get be wrong though, I enjoy talking with people about Hawaii and hearing their stories. I just find it interesting that most people ache to reconnect to Hawaii, and they’ll do so at any chance they get. Everyone wants a connection in someway or another, whether it’s, “I have family in Hawaii”, “I vacationed there just last year”, “my cousin just got married on Big Island”, or “we have a time share on Maui”, everyone relates Hawaii to their life in any way they can.

And this is simply because it represents themes like relaxation, fulfillment, and happiness for most people. Hawaii is a feeling that people strive to hold on to. Not to mention it’s a popular travel destination, and people want to feel like they’re part of something that other people want. A vacation in Hawaii is remembered forever as a place that people wish to revisit, whether in their minds or through another vacation. People long to go back because it offers so much for the human spirit and our well-being. And like what many of our Facebook fans said, it also offers beautiful beaches, warm waters, fresh fruit, different foods, tasty signature cocktails, a breathe of fresh air (literally, for our L.A. residents), friendships, a laid-back atmosphere, relaxation, sunshine, floral scents, sunrises and sunsets, the outdoor lifestyle, and the aloha spirit. The list goes on and on for people. And it doesn’t need to stop just because you’re not in Hawaii anymore.

Use these details as reminders about what makes you ultimately happy. These are all reasons to come back to Hawaii and begin planning the next vacation as soon as the first one ends. Reality hits you once you’re back home, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Take these as reminders to book your next Hawaii vacation, so you will have it to look forward to for the whole year. Repeat visits to Hawaii only deepen the connection to the land, and it does a lot for our happiness. Dreaming about Hawaii is a great way to get through the stressors of every day life, so why not relive these memories and make it a point to achieve this ultimate relaxation every year?

The weather, atmosphere, and Aloha spirit are three perfect examples as to why people love Hawaii so much. These details are extremely conducive to our well-being, and when you’re connected to what makes you happy and what’s required for a healthy body and healthy mind, chances are, you’ll make another trip to the islands happen.