Heeia Pier, Prima Restaurant , Beach Tips

Heeia Kea Pier

Today we talk about a off the beaten path experience at Heeia pier. This small pier in Kaneohe on the island of Oahu doesn’t get a lot of publicity. For years it mostly serviced tour companies who take tourists to the famous sandbar located half a mile offshore. The pier is also home to the only commercial fishing boat in the area. A couple years ago some local businessmen took over the general store, rebuilt built it, and turned it into a delightful place to eat and enjoy the day. We talk about some of the fun experiences there and give you some tips how to get to this unique spot,

Geeks Eat Oahu

We’ve been scanning a few restaurants this past week in preparation for Geeks Eat Oahu. This is an annual event put together by Mike Prasad which pulls together great food and fun for people who are passionate about food. On Thursday we had the opportunity to sample the tastes of a new restaurant in Kailua. It’s called Prima and we were fortunate enough to sample almost the entire menu. I share some of my favorite dishes they are including their Crudo which is raw fresh Opakapaka mixed with pepperoni chips and basil.

Waikiki Sand Myth

We got a interesting question from Melanie who said she heard that the sand on Waikiki Beach actually came from Australia. While I’m not a historian I don’t think that that is true. The early Hawaiian settlers used the beaches in Waikiki for their livelihoods however, over the years the beach has eroded and there is a project slated for next year dredged sand back to the area near the Sheraton Waikiki.