What Locals Love About Hawaii

Find out what locals love about Hawaii and what folks like you who will be coming to Hawaii can expect to enjoy when you get here. Everyone generally agrees on what they love about Hawaii including the weather, beautiful beaches, unique attractions, the aloha spirit, the people and the food. And with so much ethnic diversity in Hawaii, one of the great things about these islands is the melting pot of cultures.

The things we like about Hawaii (us locals) are similar to what you on the mainland enjoy as well. We must admit however, we do take the weather for granted. We can go to the beach anytime of the year and enjoy the outdoors, while much of the mainland endures cold weather during the fall and winter months. Another thing we cherish is the aloha spirit. Locals are eager to meet, mingle, entertain and talk story with one another and spend a lot of time going out, meeting friends and sharing the lifestyle. Find out more about What Locals Love About Hawaii on this podcast.

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