Should you be worried about Bed Bugs in Hawaii?

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Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach

Did you know that you can see the premiere of next seasons Hawaii Five-0 before anyone else in the world does? Yes it’s true, the premiere episode airs in Hawaii at an event called Sunset on the Beach a week before the actual episode airs nationally. We are excited to hear that just today Peter Lenkov, the executive producer of Hawaii Five-0 tweeted the date is set for September 10th. While this has not been confirmed, and he has subsequently deleted this tweet, we believe that it only makes sense that this will end up being around this date. For more information check out our Facebook page which has detailed information about the event and our special packages for those people who’d like to attend. Check out the Hawaii Five-0 SotB Facebook page

Bed bugs in Hawaii?

Bed bugs have been making big news lately. Today we got a question from Jason who wants to know if he should be worrying about that if he is coming here on his Hawaii vacation. In the 13 years I’ve been doing travel to Hawaii I have had not one single call from a customer complaining about bed bugs in a Hawaii Hotel. The fact is that there are bedbugs everywhere and you can even get them from other people’s clothing or shoes. I think the whole issue regarding bedbugs is being blown way out of proportion and that would not let any news like this hamper your Hawaii travel plans.

Favorite restaurants on Kauai

I was asked today by a Facebook friend Nikki to share my favorite restaurants on Kauai. There are so many excellent choices on Kauai but here are some that I think are worth checking out if you’re on the Garden Isle.

  • Beachouse Resturant in Poipu
  • Tutu’s Soupe Hale in Lihue
  • Jocelyn Tapa’s bar and Grill
  • Mediterranean luau