Make your Hawaii Dream Come True

Wedding Photography by Jeannemarie Photo

It doesn’t matter which of the six major islands you pick; you will have a beautiful setting. Before and after the ceremony, though, consider what’s available to see and indulge in. Many couples hold their ceremonies on one island and their honeymoons on another.

Each island has its own aura. Here are suggestions of things that are worth your time on each of the islands, but there’s a lot more to see and do on all of them!

On Oahu

Oahu is “The Gathering Place” with Waikiki, the awesome North-Shore surfing, Hanauma Bay and its sensational scuba diving and snorkeling, the magnificent Pali Lookout, world-class dining and shopping, spectacular entertainment and attractions galore.

Most of the Hawaii weddings are performed on Oahu, the most populous island, and most out-of-state couples remain here for their honeymoons.

On Kauai

On the Big Island of Hawaii

On Maui

On Lanai and Molokai