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Located in the beautiful area of Mekena this is the perfect spot for families who are looking for all the comforts of home. Maken beach is on eof the most spectacular beaches in all of Hawaii and easily accessible.
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Makena Surf is located along an isolated stretch of beach in the famous resort district on Maui. The accommodations offered at the Makena Surf include two- and three-bedroom vacation residences. All have full or partial ocean views, a kitchen, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and private lanai with sliding doors to let in the fresh ocean breeze. All rooms at Makena Surf Maui are spacious and well-appointed, with comfortable beds, plush bedding, and modern amenities. They are perfect for families or groups of friends who want to relax and enjoy their vacation in style and are non-smoking.

The property is a haven of tranquility and elegance. Meticulously designed, this establishment effortlessly fuses the familiar coziness of home with the opulence and meticulous service that is a hallmark of Hyatt Resorts. As guests enter this oasis, they are greeted by a harmonious blend of sophistication and warmth. This resort caters specifically to discerning vacationing families, offering them unparalleled convenience typical of grand resorts. Yet, it carves out intimate spaces that echo the sanctity and privacy of one’s abode. In a world where luxury hotels often brim with bustling crowds, the Makena Surf stands out, promising a unique, serene experience, making every stay memorable.

The 10-acre property at the Makena Surf features two swimming pools, four tennis courts, two hot tubs, and gas barbeques for relaxed outdoor grilling. Dining options near the resort are many, and Makena Surf provides guests with a Foodland Supermarket Maika’i Card, which allows discounts on groceries and other essentials during your stay. There are also private chefs available for intimate in-room dining. Part of the Hyatt’s Destination Residences family, the Makena Surf can also fully stock your kitchen before your arrival.

The Makena Surf combines the creature comforts of home with the luxury and service of Hyatt resorts. It is an ideal option for vacationing families who want the convenience of major resorts and the privacy of a home that you won’t find in a crowded luxury hotel right near the most beautiful beach in Maui, Makena Beach. Easily venture to the best parts to Maui from this resort.

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