Sunrise Sail & Turtle Snorkel

For early birds, couples, or families who find themselves up at the crack of dawn during their Hawaiian vacation due to time zone changes, we have the perfect adventure for you!

Begin your day with an unforgettable experience as we set out from Ala Wai Boat Harbor towards Diamond Head, cruising alongside the stunning Waikiki coast. It’s a short but scenic boat ride to the renowned Turtle Canyon snorkeling site, where the magic truly begins.

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At Turtle Canyon, you’ll encounter large numbers of graceful sea turtles floating above the reef. Watch in awe as reef fish swim around them, cleaning their shells in a fascinating underwater dance. For those preferring to stay dry, the turtles often come up for air, offering a spectacular sight right from the boat!

After our snorkeling adventure, we’ll set our sails and head towards Diamond Head. The early morning hours are the prime time to witness Hawaiian spinner dolphins playing and swimming around the boat, their joyful leaps and spins a delight to behold.

Our private tours are fully customizable to suit your desires. Want more time snorkeling? Prefer to explore other hidden gems along the coast? We can extend and modify the tour just for you—the possibilities are endless!

More Info:

  • Our tours accommodate up to 6 people, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Your adventure will be guided by a USCG-licensed Captain, ensuring safety and expertise.
  • 2.5 Hours • Up to 6 People • All Ages! • Private Tour Available
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Embark on this early morning journey and make the most of your Hawaiian vacation. Whether you’re an early riser due to time zone changes or simply eager for a morning adventure, this tour promises a magical start to your day in paradise.

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