Mauka Warriors Luau

Mauka Warriors Luau is proudly locally owned and operated by members of the Polynesian community and the US military. Join us for an evening of tradition, entertainment, and community, creating unforgettable memories while honoring the rich heritage of the islands. During the experience, a pig is unveiled from the IMU oven; guests stand around the large hole in the ground, and unlike other luaus, there were no raised bench seating areas . The food is delicious! The ube sweet potatoes and grilled pineapple paired perfectly with the pork, complementing all the meats wonderfully.

As for the show, they have a comedic host who is fantastic! “Cousin” shows you how to use every part of the pineapple tree, engaging the audience in a fun and informative way without being cheesy All the hula performances are about the Warriors of each island, featuring lots of fast and strong movements. The craziest part was the fire show, primarily performed by boys aged 12 to 14. They were truly awesome!


Hallowed Grounds

Visit the sacred site of the Battle of Kipapa, where in 1410, ancient Hawaiian warriors led by King Mailikukahi defended Oahu from invasion. This historical location provides a deep connection to the island’s storied past.

Hawaiian War History

Witness the legendary exploits of King Kamehameha, Hawaii’s greatest warrior, and his epic campaign to unite the islands. Our re-enactments bring this pivotal period in Hawaiian history to life.

Memorable Entertainment

Experience a unique, interactive performance that perfectly balances cultural dances, educational demonstrations, and historical re-enactments. Our show is designed to entertain and educate, creating lasting memories for all who attend.


Breathtaking Views

Immerse yourself in a panoramic vista overlooking Honolulu and Diamond Head. As you indulge in authentic Polynesian cuisine, the stunning scenery enhances the overall experience.

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Modern Experience

Enjoy the convenience of ordering drinks digitally from your table, allowing you to skip the lines and focus on the show. Additionally, receive complimentary professional photos sent directly to your smartphone, capturing your special moments.


Outdoor “Umu” Kitchen

Join our chefs in Oahu’s largest outdoor Umu (above-ground) kitchen. Participate in activities and educational demonstrations that showcase traditional Polynesian cooking techniques, adding an interactive and delicious dimension to your evening.

Mauka Warriors Luau offers a blend of historical significance, cultural richness, and modern convenience, ensuring an unparalleled experience on Oahu.

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