Kauai Movie Tour

Film enthusiasts will delight in this special Kauaʻi movie day tour. With its stunning natural beauty and tropical landscapes, Kauaʻi has been a favorite filming location for Hollywood for decades. You’ll recognize iconic locations and backdrops from your favorite films, and to enhance the experience, you’ll watch movie clips aboard the tour minibus, seeing how filmmakers brought the magic of Kauaʻi to the silver screen.

Kauaʻi’s diverse scenery has provided the perfect backdrop for a wide range of films, from adventure epics to romantic comedies. As you journey through the island, you’ll discover how its lush rainforests, dramatic cliffs, and serene beaches have been transformed into cinematic masterpieces. Each stop on the tour offers a unique glimpse into the filmmaking process, revealing how directors and cinematographers used Kauaʻi’s landscapes to tell their stories.

Hanalei Bay Mountains 2

Not only will you see where these iconic scenes were shot, but you’ll also learn fascinating behind-the-scenes details about the productions. Whether it’s the ingenuity behind a complex action sequence or the subtle touches that brought a romantic moment to life, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the art of filmmaking. Additionally, the tour guides are knowledgeable film buffs themselves, ready to share anecdotes and fun facts about the movies and stars that have graced Kauaʻi’s shores. This immersive experience is perfect for anyone who loves movies and wants to see Kauaʻi through the eyes of Hollywood’s finest directors.

Opaeka’a Falls

This unique tour is not just for movie buffs; it’s also an excellent way to explore the island and appreciate its natural beauty. Each location you visit will leave you in awe of Kauaʻi’s breathtaking landscapes, making this a memorable adventure for all.

  • Wailua Falls (Kauaʻi)*: A 173-foot waterfall near Lihue, recognized from the opening credits of Fantasy Island. It has also appeared in Dragonfly, Castaway Cowboy, The Amazing Race, and Tropic Thunder.
  • Hanamāʻulu Bay*: The ancient birthplace of Kawelo from Kauaʻi’s ruling family, featured in Donovan’s Reef, Pagan Love Song, Six Days and Seven Nights, and Voodoo Island.
  • ʻŌpaekaa Falls Lookout*: A beautiful and accessible waterfall featured in Donovan’s Reef, Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN, and Seven Women from Hell.
  • Kapaa Town: This beachside town is a filming location for Jurassic Park, offering a nostalgic experience for fans.
  • ʻAliomanu: An isolated, picturesque beach that served as a setting for Six Days Seven Nights and Voodoo Island.
  • Moloaʻa Beach*: A horseshoe-shaped beach on Kauaʻi’s northeast shore, featured in Gilligan’s Island and Castaway Cowboy.
  • Hanalei Pier*: A popular gathering place seen in Miss Sadie Thompson, The Wackiest Ship in the Army, South Pacific, and more.
  • Hanalei Valley: Known for its taro patches and as one of the most photographed places on the island, featured in Uncommon Valor.

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