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Quickly becoming a favorite for visitors and locals alike, Common Ground’s Farm and Food Experience has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and AFAR. This unique experience offers a showcase of Kauai’s regenerative food forest, where a collection of exotic and delicious foods from around the world thrives. Visitors can explore a diverse array of produce, including coffee, pineapple, tree tomato, kava, mamak’i, heart of palm, papaya, bananas, and more.


More importantly, Common Ground demonstrates how food can be grown in harmony with nature, using regenerative practices that eliminate the need for imported fertilizers and pesticides. The experience includes discussions on why Hawai’i shouldn’t rely on importing over 85% of its food and the benefits of a robust local food system for communities everywhere. We believe a meal on Kauai should uniquely represent the island’s abundance, flavors, and cultures.


The tour concludes with a family-style meal that celebrates the delicious diversity of Kauai, with all ingredients sourced from the island, including the cooking oil and seasonings. Guests can also enjoy beer or wine from the bar while relaxing in the beautiful tropical farm setting. Children of all ages are welcome!

Arrive at 3 PM for an easy half-mile walk to the stone dam.

Times and duration

  • Tuesday through Friday, 4pm – 6 PM
  • 2 hours

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