Who Are the Top Singers in Hawaii Today?

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There surely will be evenings during your Hawaii vacation when cocktails, a nice dinner and then some good music will seem like a good idea. When such an evening arrives, you’ll be wondering just who the hot singers are. After all, the popular local acts are pretty-much unheard of on the mainland now that Don Ho is no longer among them. World-class talent appears here regularly, but that’s a big deal with heavy advance-ticket action and we’re talking about a simple “evening out” here.

What follows is a list of six performers who never fail to fill an evening with satisfaction. Some of them may be characterized as “local” or “Hawaiian,” but all will appeal to anyone looking for a great night out.

Jimmy Borges
is a song stylist with Sinatraesque phrasing and appeal. He knows and sings all the standards, and stays current with what’s popular today.
Shari Lynn
is a distaff version of Borges, with a little more energy and an emphasis on show tunes.
John Cruz
was raised in Hawaii, but developed his talent in New York’s Geenwich Village. His warm, heartfelt melodies and passionate, soulful vocals have lifted him to the top of the list of local performers.
Amy Hanaialii
the top-selling female vocalist in Hawaii, has established herself as Hawaii’s most respected and loved female vocalist, songwriter, composer and performer.
Willie K
a wildly versatile musician and vocalist, puts on a great show that ranges from poignant to raucous. It’s all good music, both local and mainstream.
The Brothers Cazimero
now are an institution in the islands. Remarkable entertainers on stage, they achieve a full-bodied sound that emanates from the acoustic bass and a twelve-string guitar. It is both authentically Hawaiian and commercial enough for the full enjoyment of vacationers.

Make a note of the names. They perform regularly for lengthy periods of time, and appear on all the islands. If one of them has a gig near where you’re staying, you can depend on a terrific performance.

You can pick an agent from the Hawaii-Aloha Web site (hawaii-aloha.com), or call 1-800-843-8771. We’ll give you an idea of who’s appearing where.