What’s Halloween in like in Hawaii?

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When I was growing up, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. I would be excited about it for weeks in advance, thinking about roaming the neighborhoods with my friends in costume, collecting candy and then gorging ourselves with chocolate once back at home. I’ve been Peter Pan, a fox, a Dalmatian, Little Red Riding Hood, a girl scout, a pirate, Batwoman, Sandy from Grease, a poodle skirt girl, a sailor… so many years dressing up I can’t even begin to remember half of them all. My favorite candy to collect was Reese’s, then Snickers and Twix and all the chocolaty fun sized goodies. My parents would only allow me and my siblings to eat a few pieces a day after dinner, but I just remember there being so much fun and anticipation behind Halloween night each year.

What’s my point? (Enough of the reminiscing, right?) I guess it’s that I think Halloween has changed from when I was young to how it is today. More parents are opting to have their kids trick-or-treat at malls or churches, since they don’t trust the neighbors to hand out candy to their children. I can definitely understand this because we do live in a crazy world with all sorts of stories floating around in our heads about razors in apples and poison in candy bars… Sorry for scaring you even more.

Moving on, in lieu of Halloween in Hawaii being tomorrow, here is a list of wholesome Halloween fun to enjoy in Hawaii. It ranges from adult-style fun to keikis and costumes, so read on to find out the best places to be on October 31st if you’re vacationing in Hawaii.

Waikiki – During the daytime, the Kalakaua strip of Waikiki can be fun for the kids, but it’s the witching hours when the Halloween haunting really begins. Expect to see some wild costumes strutting the strip – locals and tourists alike can get pretty into the dress-up themes here! Bars are spilling over with costumed partiers and the streets are abuzz with the nostalgic spookiness that is only felt once a year.

The North Shore Neighborhoods – Ideal for kids, the neighborhoods of Oahu’s North Shore are a safe way to enjoy a traditional Halloween. Go trick-or-treating door-to-door and be welcomed by local residents into their haunted houses, carports and bonfires along the beach. The ‘Backyards’ neighborhood is touted as the best on the North Shore!

Poipu’s Weli Weli Track – A great neighborhood for the kids, Kipuka Street is another traditional trick-or-treating spot. One of the only local tracks of housing in Poipu, this neighborhood has a family-friendly feel to it and it small enough to let the kids run free while still offering up plenty of homes and haunted yards to keep them busy for hours.

Hanapepe Art Night – It just so happens that October 31st, 2014 falls on Hanapepe’s Friday Art Night, which means you can bet on some good Halloween fun on Kauai’s southwest side! Similar to a block party, Hanapepe Art Night is good for teens and adults, as there is live music, food booths and shops welcoming tourists and visitors in for free food and drinks.

Lahaina – The most popular Halloween destination in Hawaii next to Waikiki, Lahaina is great for kids in the early evening and goes off for the adults at night. All the bars are blasting music and hosting costume parties, and dancing takes place both indoors and outdoors. It tends to get wild and crazy along Front Street, so come prepared with a good costume and a taxi ride home.

Prince Kuhio Mall – This is a popular place for parents to bring their keiki as well as teens to hang out. Kids dress up and trick-or-treat throughout the shops, and there’s usually a sweepstakes or contest taking place as well. This is a good Halloween option if you’re vacationing on the Big Island with young kids.

Kailua-Kona – One of the more popular towns to traverse on Halloween night, Kailua-Kona is mellow but lively. The town used to host a block party every October 31st, but I don’t believe it’s coordinated anymore. However, it’s still a place for costume clad Halloweeners to explore, and is best for teens and adults.

Have a happy Halloween and stay safe!

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