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Did you know that Kauai has a trolley system of its own, like the ones we see cruising all over Oahu?

The difference between the two, however, is that Kauai’s trolley is more of a guided tour, whereas Oahu trolleys can be both a tour and a form of transportation. The three-hour Kauai Trolley Tour takes passengers from the mountain to the sea – to scenic and historic sites around the island.

Trolley riders visit Opaekaa Falls, located on the east side of Kauai near Wailua River. The 151-foot waterfall gets its name, which means “shrimp,” because of the once-plentiful amount of native freshwater shrimp that would tumble down the falls.

Other stops include the Kauai Museum and German Hill, where Hawaii’s very first Lutheran church exists today. Passengers get to explore the royal birthplace of Hawaiian chiefs and chiefesses, including Kauai’s king, Kaumualii, and the a 580-year-old fishpond on the southeast side of Kauai. (More posts to come on those places.)

The best part about trolleys on Oahu and Kauai is that they’re both open-aired. So you can really get a chance to take in the sights and the fresh Hawaiian air. It’s an absolute must if you’re cruising around the islands by car. Only downside to having open-aired trolleys would be the heat, especially on those dead-wind days. The upside is that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to jump off and on the trolleys throughout your ride, so you won’t be sitting in a puddle of sweat the whole time.


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