Trade Winds Cool Off the Islands

dave poore
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It’s true when people say that Hawaii’s trade winds are like nature’s air conditioning. As I write this, a cool breeze is gently blowing through my house. Outside, I see the leaves dancing and hear their subtle rustlings. I want to be dancing, too, but instead, I continue to write.

Actually, trade winds have always been one of my inspirations when writing. First off, they make staying indoors so much more comfortable. But mostly, I love how it puts me at ease – like a soothing song of nature.

Trade winds also remind me of how fortunate I am to call Hawaii my home. While they’re sometimes taken for granted, trade winds happen to be the driving force of the island outdoors. I just wish they could be around every day of the year.

It was a different story a few days ago. I was inside, writing and…sweating! Boy, was it muggy and miserable. The trades had left us temporarily, with dead winds as the unfortunate replacement. Those are the days I choose to use the real air conditioning. Otherwise, I’m chin-deep in the ocean, praying the trades come back.

In Hawaii, the weather varies from day to day but not as drastically as it does on the mainland. In Colorado, for instance, it can be super-sunny one day and then snowing the next?!?! Talk about confused weather…Hawaii, though, has subtle changes in its day-to-day weather. We’ll get trades for a few days and then it turns off, and we’re stuck with dead winds.


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