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Public transportation is oftentimes one of the best ways to getting around when traveling because it’s affordable, convenient and one of the best ways to sightsee. Take San Francisco, for example; they’ve got the SF Municipal Railway (Muni, for short), which includes a fleet of buses, trolleys, light rail, streetcars and cable cars. New York has the underground subs, while Honolulu boasts eco-friendly buses, appropriately named TheBus.

TheBus zooms through Oahu as the island’s main mode of public transportation.

I’ve had first-hand experiences on all of the above modes of transportation during my travels abroad and in the islands. San Fran and New York have got their public transportation to a tee with the help of well-developed websites and timeliness that commuters can depend on. I found both to be efficient ways of travel through the big cities and always hoped that Honolulu would soon follow suit, which over the years, they have been.

When I used to catch the bus as a kid, I remember calling a hotline for the route times…even using a public pay phone before owning my very own cell in high school. Now, they’ve got a pretty good website and a smartphone app that’ll help you find the best routes. You can download the DaBus app for free via iTunes or the city’s transparency website (; also look for Internet applications: and, which are other nifty tools you may use to get bus times and routes.

“ Geeks on DaBus”

If you’re cruising around Oahu tomorrow by bus, then take part in Honolulu’s version of The Amazing Race. The city invites people to test out the new bus apps and to share their experiences with feedback and photos.

DaBus app allows riders to find the stop nearest them.

Those who arrive by noon at The Greenhouse Innovation Hub in Kakaako can enjoy a free lunch. The Greenhouse is a “learning lab, shared workspace and creative agency,” so what better place for tech-savvy geeks to converge than here? If you have questions or want to provide feedback about the app, then TheBus app developers and Oahu Transit Services members will be available.

“ GEEKS ON DABUS” • Test out TheBus mobile apps • Tomorrow, morning to noon • Free lunch at noon, The Greenhouse Innovation Hub

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