The Truth About Travel Scams

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Travel scams are a good way to ruin both your vacation and finances. Some people and companies prey on vacationers by offering travel deals that either take your money with nothing to show for it or practice overall deceitful tactics.

The Timeshare Dilemma

Many times, you’ll go to a foreign country or resort and find yourself peppered with pitches to purchase a timeshare. You’re already on vacation, but they’re trying to suck money out of your pockets for your next vacation and other trips from years to come. Now at face value, there’s nothing wrong with timeshares. However, some people who sell timeshares will do so illegally, asking you to pay money up front, giving you paperwork that’s later proven worthless. Don’t get caught up in the moment. No matter how appealing the timeshare may seem, wait until you get home and are able to do some research before purchasing a timeshare.

The Travel Club Scam

Some travel clubs will charge an arm and a leg for membership, preying on people wanting access to travel deals. It’s simply not worth those types of fees, so if the membership fee is out of your price range, don’t overextend yourself trying to afford it.

Mysterious Credit Card Charges

Sometimes when you’re already on vacation, you’ll come home to find that you’ve been charged for things you didn’t pay for; whenever you’re on a trip, be mindful to keep your credit card in your pocket or secured away when you’re not using it. Better yet, keep it locked away in a room safe unless you’re going somewhere where you’ll need to swipe it. It’s not an uncommon practice to receive phantom charges. They can always be disputed later, but save yourself some time in advance.

Do some research before your vacation, and you’ll be able to avoid many unpleasant travel scams. You’ll be ensuring that your vacation time is restful and stress free.

Guest Post by Emily Green, a freelance writer from Boston with more than six years of travel writing experience.


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