Where is Hawaii Five 0 Filmed: A Fan’s Guide to Oahu

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Though Hawaii Five-0 went off the air several years ago, there is still a high demand to see its filming locations. After all, for 10 years the hit CBS drama brought viewers into the most beautiful parts of Hawaii. Now these viewers want to know where is Hawaii Five 0 filmed

Steve’s Home

A swooping overhead shot during the Hawaii Five-0‘s opening title scenes shows a lovely beachfront cottage, seemingly tucked away in an undeveloped island area. It’s so beautiful it seems unreal. But it is real, it’s beautiful, and it’s called The Bayer Estate in Oahu’s Aina Haina neighborhood.

However, this flash-view of Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) home is a tease since it gives almost no clues as to where its true location may be. My first guess was the North Shore of Oahu. However, after visiting the estate/set yesterday as part of Hawaii Aloha Travel’s tour of Five-0 sites, I discovered it is actually in Honolulu. And its one-of-a-kind characteristics were just what the program wanted to bring to the primetime show.

Filming only happened on occasion. More often, they used a dedicated sound stage with a mock-up of the house. This was located in the old Honolulu Advertiser Building near Downtown Honolulu, where the crew reconstructed the exterior and interior areas of the house to surprisingly accurate detail. There was even a backdrop of the ocean at the soundstage. The main difference between the real house and the studio was the decorating style. Once the Advertiser building was demolished, the set was moved to the Hawaii Film Studio, where the McGarrett’s house was recreated again.

bayer 3

Hawaii Five-0 Headquarters

Ali’iolani Hale in Honolulu provided the exterior shots of the Five-0 headquarters. You can visit this ornately decorated building, but don’t expect the insides to look like what you saw on TV. Instead, it’s home to a museum and the state Supreme Court. 

Kamekono’s Shrimp Truck

Fan favorite character Kamekono opened a food truck on Hawaii Five-0, and now everyone is wondering where these scenes of Hawaii Five 0 were filmed – is Kamekono’s Shrimp Truck real?

Unfortunately, the food truck was only there for filming, but you can see its sight by the Rainbow Tower of Hilton Hawaiian Village. 

In fact, this Waikiki resort was a popular filming spot as the characters dined at its beachside restaurant while solving the islands’ toughest mysteries. 

Jungle Scenes

Many of Hawaii Five-0’s jungle scenes took place in Kualoa Ranch. This is the go-to place for filming in Hawaii. If you’re interested in places where Hawaii Five 0 was filmed AND where other movies were shot, this is a great place to visit. They even have a guided tour dedicated to movie scenes.

Famous Places in Hawaii Where Hawaii Five 0 was Filmed

It’s so fun to rewatch Hawaii Five-0 after visiting Oahu, since they filmed in so many famous places. Just walking around Waikiki will allow you to follow in the footsteps of their crime-fighting characters. 

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