The Hawaiian Kanak Attack

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It’s as much of a tradition on Thanksgiving as turkey and usually leaves you pinned to the couch in a horizontal position, snoring.

The kanak attack – otherwise known as siesta – is that instance after eating a plateful of grub when…BAM! A wave of sleepiness hits, and your fighting to keep your drooping eyes from closing. No joke, I started writing this post after eating way too much turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving, only to wake up a half hour later next to my iPad. Talk about a true kanak attack!

Not to be confused with the political group in Germany, this phrase in Hawaii goes back to the Hawaiian culture, to its people. A local foodie website called “Tasty Island Hawaii” points to the word “kanaka maoli,” or Native Hawaiian, which has since been shortened to “kanak.” The “attack” part is obvious; it’s a sudden onset of laziness and fatigue.

Some local companies embrace the kanak attack by providing a quiet place for workers to snooze during their lunch breaks. Corporate naps, if you will. Others, well, aren’t so lucky and learn to deal with eating smaller portions to avoid “kanacking.”

Vacationers, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about the guilt of a kanak attack. After all, it’s not called a vacation for nothing! Your only job is to try as much of the local foods possible, followed by many leisurely naps on the beach.

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