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Just several months ago, the Honolulu Zoo welcomed baby Pumbaas into the world; now, they’ve got little Simbas running around. Three precious lion cubs came into the world this weekend, continuing the Circle of Life at the zoo. The deliveries went smoothly, according to officials, and lasted just a couple hours.

This is actually the second time the 4-year-old lioness mother named Moxy gave birth. But sadly, she delivered stillborn cubs. That’s why zoo officials are keeping close watch on Moxy and her babies this time around but still making sure not to approach them. Because of this, they have not yet determined the gender of the cubs nor their names.

Both Moxy and her mate, Ekundu, are part of a breeding loan program coordinated through Species Survival Program (SSP) guidelines. Moxy is from New York’s Bronx Zoo, while 5-year-old Ekundu is from San Diego Wildlife Park. Until the zoo veterinarian gives the go-ahead for public viewing, we’ll have to wait to see them.

The zoo just welcomed three warthog piglets into the world. And to help decide on a name, officials created a naming contest. The winning names were: Kanani, Manaolana and Pono. No word yet on if there will be a naming contest for the lion cubs. But once the genders are determined, the big question will be: Who will be the next Lion King?

Photo Courtesy: Bryan Thompson, Honolulu Zoo

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