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Here’s the naked truth: If you plan to sunbathe topless at a Hawaii beach, then just be sure to follow a few rules. Don’t “intentionally” expose your genitals with a conscious purpose to “affront” or to “alarm” someone. And you shouldn’t be married to the person you are exposing yourself to. Okay, now that we’ve laid some ground rules, let’s get on with it.

If you choose to visit a nude beach in Hawaii, then be classy about it.

In 2000, the Hawaii Supreme Court dismissed previous indecent exposure charges for six men who were nude on an Oahu beach. The Court came up with the aforementioned guidelines when deciding on the verdict, setting the stage for other hopeful nudists that come to the islands. While beach nudity hasn’t been officially accepted into Hawaii law, enforcement is very “loosely” applied, according to Hawaii nudist enthusiasts.

Now, don’t let your minds wander too far. I don’t do the nude thing and probably never will! LOL. I support this and see it as a First Amendment right to freely express ourselves…and ALL our appendages. But to be honest, just imagining myself in this kind of situation makes me giggle. I’d probably get kicked out of the nudist beach before even taking off my slippers. But if you’re one of those out there wondering if you should pack your birthday suits for your Hawaii vacation, then this post is for you.

Here’s a list of unofficial clothing-optional beaches in the Islands. This may be a good post to read even if you’re not looking for some Nakie Time. Think of it as our fair warning to you. This just may save your eyes from those saggy, baggy and (hopefully not) shaggy sights.

Big Island

Honokohau Harbor Beach – Located on the Kona Coast, off of Highway 19. The north end is a popular gay beach. According to some nude beach sites, police have been cracking down on this area and visitors should go at their own risks.

Kehena Beach – Located in the Puna district, off of Highway 137. A black sand beach also known for the frequent dolphin sightings, giving Kehena its nickname, “Dolphin Beach.”

Steam Vents – Located near Hilo, off of Highway 130. Clothing-optional steam baths draw dozens to the natural caves bordering the beach.


Donkey Beach – Located off of Highway 56, north of the 11-mile marker. It’s a private property that once allowed public access. Nude beach sites discourage people from going here because the area has new owners who strictly enforce trespassing laws.

Secret Beach – Located at the end of a red, dirt road off of Kalihiwai Road. Only access is by a hiking trail.


Little Beach at Makena – Located a few miles past the Maui Prince Hotel along Makena Ala Nui Road. Park at Makena Beach (Big Beach) and walk a few minutes over a grassy hill to Little Beach.


Polo Beach – Located on the North Shore in Mokuleia, off of Kamehameha Highway. From the public beach access, turn left and walk up the beach until you round a bend in the sand. I was looking for shells at this beach, when I accidentally came upon the “nude” side of it. I don’t think I ever felt more out of place in my life!

Diamond Head Beach – Located at the foot of Diamond Head Crater. A group of nude sunbathers gather at the far corner to the right of the public beach access.


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