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Guided hikes let you experience the Hawaii islands after dark.

We met the Sierra Club Kauai group at Haena Beach Park on Kauai’s north shore for a moonlit stroll. There were 10 of us, including our guide, as we eagerly set off down the beach, adventure coursing through our veins. Mount Makana, or Bali Hai as it’s famously known, towered in the background glowing gold in the setting sun.

The two-mile stroll provided vast ocean views as 20 foot waves crashed on the shore break, the sunset softly tinting the water blue and pink. The moon’s bright face rising higher with each step as sandpipers ran up and down the shore looking for food. A little uphill jaunt and we are rummaging through the jungle. Just beyond, the lavender ocean flashes through silhouettes of coconut palms as we briskly make our way to Kee Beach.

The departing sun had left shades of blue as we unpacked our towels. We laughed at our good fortune, drank cool white wine and ate cheese and crackers. Pinpricks of light bounced along the Kalalau trail as hikers made their way through the night along the dark trail.

Casting its reflection across the ocean, moonlight is our gentle guide back. We feel adventurous, a little sneaky – out after dark when everyone else has gone home. Magic and romance bloom in the salty air. It was a beautiful night and a really great way to get to know the island. The guides are people who have lived here for a long time and are very knowledgeable about the area, marine life and the legends and myth that surround these ancient islands.

Check out sierraclubhawaii.com for upcoming walks; the website lists them for Kauai, Maui and Oahu.

Photos by Christena Southwick.

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