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Hawaii place names: Pearl Harbor/Pearl City

The vast majority of neighborhoods and towns in Hawaii are known by their traditional native Hawaiian names. The literal translations of those Hawaii place names tend to reflect unique aspects of the areas they represent. We here at the HAT Blog have always found it unusual that Hawaii’s most popular visitor attraction, Pearl Harbor – […]

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Why Buy Pearl Harbor Museum Tickets in Advance?

Read along to learn about the process and importance of buying Pearl Harbor Museum tickets in advance.  Pearl Harbor is the number one visitor destination in Hawaii for a reason: what happened here has incredible historical significance. When Japan bombed the battleships stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th, 1941, America’s response would change the […]

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Consider the USS Arizona an Essential Part of Your Hawaii Vacation

Plan on it. It’s Hawaii’s most visited attraction for a reason. The USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor on Oahu lures 1,500,000 people a year, and nobody leaves the experience unmoved or uninspired. Plan on a half-day, and make it in the morning as early as you can (from 7:30). The later you arrive, the […]

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