Tag: Sustainable Hawaii

Mana Ai: Preserving ancient taro traditions

Mana Ai is a small business located in Kaneohe, part of the ancient Koolaupoko district of Windward Oahu. Mana Ai provides sustainably-grown taro products to consumers in Hawaii and around the world. Sustainable agriculture and resource management were vital to the success of the first Polynesians to arrive in the Hawaiian Islands many hundreds of […]

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Solar-Powered Parking Meters in Honolulu

While the days of 25-cent-an-hour parking at the Honolulu Zoo are long gone, the new digital meters have turned out to be a rather positive change. Mostly, because they take more than just change. Drivers can pay by credit card and phone as well. The bright-blue meters seem to be really high-tech for Oahu’s parking […]

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