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International Market Place’s new life

Waikiki’s International Market Place has been the epicenter of Hawaii’s tourism industry since it was first opened in 1956. When it closed for demolition and redevelopment in 2013, many residents decried the loss of the last vestige of “old Waikiki.” The changes, however, were for the better. For a variety of reasons, the redevelopment of […]

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My Wild Ride in the Polaris Slingshot

When Aloha Bruce invited me to take a spin in the new Polaris Slingshot for Slingshot Hawaii, my response was immediate. “Absolutely!” I’d seen pictures of the futuristic hot-rod. I’m no gear-head, but the Slingshot just looks like a wild ride. And I’m so old I know how to drive a stick-shift. It was a […]

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