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Read This Before Visiting Oahu’s Waiola Shave Ice

Hawaii Five-0 fans know to ask for the “Five-0 Rainbow” when they go to Waiola Shave Ice. The lilikoi, lychee, and cotton candy combo became an official flavor after Kamekona (Taylor Wily) offered it to the show’s three main characters during a first-season episode. In fact, Waiola became a recurring name in Five-0 that continues […]

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Hawaii Shave Ice – Fun Local Tradition

On the mainland they are called “snow cones,” in Puerto Rico “piragua” but here in Hawaii we know it as “shave ice.” This is one fun treat that is worth trying. The tasty shave ice was brought to Hawaii in the 1880s by the Japanese immigrants who came to work on the sugar plantations. At […]

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