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Nuuanu Valley: Hawaiian history in the hills

Nuuanu Valley on Oahu is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods (or collection of neighborhoods) in all of Hawaii. Its importance goes back to ancient, pre-colonial times, through the establishment of the Kingdom Hawaii and its overthrow a century later in 1893, right through to the present day. The valley begins at the Nuuanu […]

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Diamond Head Lookout (& Other Top Viewpoints)

This is not a scientific ranking of “Oahu’s Best Views”. There are countless rare and stunning views all over the Gathering Place. But the vast majority of Oahu’s best views are not easily accessed and require a deep knowledge of Oahu’s hiking trails and the ability to make vigorous, challenging hikes and/or special permissions to […]

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Once Free Pali Lookout Now Has Parking Fee for Visitors

If your Hawaii vacation includes visiting the island of Oahu, chances are you’ll be visiting the Pali Lookout. It’s part of the Nuuanu Pali state park and is located at the very top of the Pali Highway which connects the East and West side of the island. You’ll find spectacular views of the Koolau mountain […]

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