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Nuuanu Valley: Hawaiian history in the hills

Nuuanu Valley on Oahu is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods (or collection of neighborhoods) in all of Hawaii. Its importance goes back to ancient, pre-colonial times, through the establishment of the Kingdom Hawaii and its overthrow a century later in 1893, right through to the present day. The valley begins at the Nuuanu […]

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Urban Legends Hawaii: Spooky Stories Not to Ignore

I love mythology, legends, and spooky stories that leave me thinking about them for days. And the Urban Legends Hawaii offers are no exceptions.  As you might know, there are many Hawaiian legends about the different foods and goddesses here in Hawaii that date back many, many years. Some of the warnings they give have […]

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Some Idiosyncrasies of Hawaii

Many of those of us who live in Hawaii, when we move into a new home or open a business or a business office, have it blessed. When ground is broken for a new construction project of any kind — corporate or private — the land is blessed. It’s not necessarily religion or superstition, it’s […]

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