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Nuuanu Valley: Hawaiian history in the hills

Nuuanu Valley on Oahu is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods (or collection of neighborhoods) in all of Hawaii. Its importance goes back to ancient, pre-colonial times, through the establishment of the Kingdom Hawaii and its overthrow a century later in 1893, right through to the present day. The valley begins at the Nuuanu […]

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Real Hawaii History at Royal Mausoleum

At the top of Nuuanu Avenue, about a mile and a half from the bustle of Downtown Honolulu, Oahu visitors can visit the Royal Mausoleum. Known as “Mauna Ala” in the Hawaiian language, it is the final resting place of many members of Hawaii’s royal family and retainers. It is an excellent way to experience […]

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Top 5 Oahu Excursions When You’re Short on Time

Picture it: You’ve had a busy morning on Oahu and have already had lunch. You’re too tired (or short on time) to commit to a full or half-day tour, but you aren’t ready to head back to your hotel room. Besides a little stint at the beach, what’s a visitor to do? Here, we have […]

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