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Pauoa Flats Trail – a hike to remember and ponder

Prompted by a conversation with a bar-tending friend who also happens to be a marathoner and avid trail runner, the HAT Blog recently embarked on a hike along the Pauoa Flats Trail. It’s near our home office, fairly easy, and under one mile (.75 mi). It’s only accessible from a handful of other Na Ala […]

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Nuuanu Valley: Hawaiian history in the hills

Nuuanu Valley on Oahu is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods (or collection of neighborhoods) in all of Hawaii. Its importance goes back to ancient, pre-colonial times, through the establishment of the Kingdom Hawaii and its overthrow a century later in 1893, right through to the present day. The valley begins at the Nuuanu […]

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Hidden Reservoir in Nuuanu

If you’ve ever hiked the trail to Pauoa Flats, it is likely you’ve seen the Nuuanu Reservoir right below the lookout. A 20-foot-dilapidated tower and rusted bridge sway ever-so slightly in lush Nuuanu valley; with the exception of a faint echo of cars zipping along the Pali, everything at the reservoir remains still, and there […]

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