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Volcano goddess Pele on Oahu

Hawaii residents and visitors from abroad flock to Hawaii Island, the Big Island, to witness eruptions at the Mauna Loa Volcano. Thousands of images and videos of the spectacular event are zing around the internet when that happens showing the full glory of an active lava flow. We want to point out that fire goddess […]

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Hawaii Volcano Update: Kilauea & Mauna Loa

It seems like every few months, Hawaii’s volcanoes make an appearance in the news. After all, the state is home to three active volcanoes, something that makes a visit here both special and sometimes nerve-wracking. So where do you go when you want a Hawaii Volcano Update?  Luckily, it’s easy to get info on what’s […]

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How to See a Volcano in Hawaii

Many visitors wonder if they’ll see a Volcano in Hawaii or how volcanoes influence the islands’ geography.  Volcanoes created each of the Hawaiian Islands, and the history behind them is quite fascinating. My curiosity about the islands I live on led me to research how and why these islands formed. It’s pretty amazing to think […]

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