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Hamoa Beach – an East Maui treasure

Hamoa Beach at the far eastern tip of Maui is a stunningly beautiful and popular destination for Valley Isle visitors. It is a way of life for Maui surfers and fishing enthusiasts. It’s south of the storied Road to Hana, which means that getting there is an adventure itself. There are more than 600 hairpin […]

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10 Top Things to Do in Maui for Free

As promised, I’m back this week with another post about free things to do in Hawaii. I’ve been working my way around the Hawaiian islands, discovering the best things to do for free, so make sure to check out my posts, 10 Free Things To Do On Kauai, 10 Free Things To Do On The […]

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Should You Visit Kaihalulu Beach (Maui’s Red Sand Beach)

Hawaii has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, many of which are secluded gems that require hiking and care to visit. But many adventurous visitors may wonder if they can go to Kaihalulu Beach, also called Red Sand Beach, in Maui.  We think the correct question to ask is: should you go to Red […]

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