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HAT Magnum P.I. TikTok goes viral!

Wow! Aloha Bruce and the Hawaii Aloha Travel TikTok page have gone viral with a video clip (backed by the original series theme music) of a current Magnum P.I. production truck towing the iconic Magnum Ferrari through the streets of Waikiki while shooting a dialogue between stars Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks for an upcoming episode. 500,000-and-counting […]

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The International Symbol of Aloha

Growing up in Rhode Island, I loved watching Magnum PI. Not sure if it was his Ferrari, mustache or the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. But one thing is for sure – I loved his short-shorts and aloha shirts! The Aloha shirt is an international symbol of Hawaii and recognized around the world. Over the years […]

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