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Peacocks in Hawaii?

The vibrant colors of the peacock seem like the perfect fit for our islands’ tropical scenery. But are there peacocks in Hawaii?  Birds Throughout Hawaii The Hawaiian Islands are home to an amazing variety of native and exotic bird species, from the majestic nene goose to the curious rose-ringed parakeet. Ancient Hawaiians revered native birds […]

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Hawaii Pineapples: What to Know Before Your Next Tropical Treat

Hawaii Pineapples seem to go hand-in-hand with swaying palm trees and dazzling beaches. It’s as though the pineapple has been in Hawaii longer than people. But that’s far from the real story. In fact, pineapples are a relatively new fruit in the islands. And while they taste like simple tropical bliss, there’s a lot to […]

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Kukui Nut Lei Meaning: More Than a Hawaiian Souvenir

The Kukui Nut lei meaning and its history in Hawaii are fascinating. Learn all about it here! It’s easy to spot a kukui nut tree in Hawaii; just look for the canopy of shimmering silvery-green leaves, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. They glisten under gentle morning rays, swaying this way and that, and […]

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