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Your Hawaii Holidays Guide

Did you know there is a unique set of Hawaii Holidays that are observed only in the Aloha State? This surprised me when I first moved to the islands. Kids get a few extra days off school to honor these local days, but there’s more to it than a day out of class.  In fact, […]

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Why Does Hawaii Celebrate Prince Kuhio Day?

Prince Kuhio Day is a state holiday in Hawaii, but do you know why this person is so important and why the holiday exists? Let’s talk all about this fascinating historical figure and the many ways he influenced modern-day Hawaii.  Who Was Prince Kuhio Prince Kuhio is most famous for spearheading the Hawaiian Homes Commission […]

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Hawaii MayDay: A Celebration of Lei and Aloha

Have you ever heard of Hawaii Mayday (or May Day)? This is a day celebrating the custom of giving and receiving lei. It occurs each year on May 1 and is honored at schools, parks, and businesses.  Today, we’re sharing all about Hawaii Mayday and how you can celebrate it, whether you’re here in the […]

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