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Why We Love Hanapepe: Hawaii’s Biggest Little Town

During my last trip to Kauai, we took an “off-ramp” we hadn’t taken before but had always wanted to explore — the small road to Hanapepe Town.  I was originally intrigued by the town when I saw its slogan, “Hawaii’s Biggest Little Town.” What could that possibly mean!? Well, one stroll through the town, and […]

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What We Love About Salt Pond Beach in Kauai

When someone is looking for a spacious, family-friendly beach on Kauai, we always send them straight to Salt Pond Beach. This sunny spot has a little something for everyone, including great swimming, amazing scenery, and a fun atmosphere.  Let’s head out to Salt Pond Beach and discover why it’s one of our favorite places on […]

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‘Lilo and Stitch’ Find a Home in Hanapepe

Did you know that the Disney movie, “Lilo and Stitch,” takes place in the historic Hanapepe town on Kauai? Well, a more animated version of it, anyway. The team of illustrators portrays the town as a place where alien beings crash-landed; one of those aliens happens to be the odd, stray “dog” named Stitch. Lilo […]

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