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Is Hawaii Tap Water Safe to Drink? Our Water Wins Again!

We often get asked, “Is Hawaii Tap Water Safe to Drink?” A new report is having us revisit our answer to this great question.  Winning Water A while back, I wrote a post about Hawaii’s extraordinary tap water and touted its taste and quality throughout the piece. Well, Hawaii’s tap water has garnered another bit […]

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Can You Drink Tap Water in Hawaii?

One of the most common questions I get from visitors is this: Can you drink tap water in Hawaii, or should I buy bottled water?  The short answer is: Tap water is safe to drink.  According to the Board of Water Supply, Hawaii tap water is some of the best quality drinking water around. It […]

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Hawaii’s Water Ranked Best Quality in the World!

When on vacation in Hawaii don’t be afraid to drink the water. There are lots of vacation destinations that come with built-in cautions about water quality. Hawaii definitely is not one of them. Oahu in particular is blessed with water that ranks with the best quality in the world. Part of the reason is the […]

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