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Crack seed in Hawaii: A love letter

Crack seed is a Hawaii snack item with a taste that is, well, acquired. Generally speaking, it is a Chinese food item, imported with Chinese sugar plantation workers who arrived in Hawaii in the mid-1800s. is essentially bite-sized preserved fruits, plums being most common. There is almost no end to the varieties of crack seed […]

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The Sweet and Oh-So-Sour Story of Li Hing Mui

You’ve got a lot of great food to try in Hawaii. There’s kalua pig roasted in an underground imu oven, and poi pounded from taro roots. You’ll likely get authentic Hawaii poke while you’re here, along with local fruits and juices. One must-try Hawaii snack is li hing mui (lee-HEE-moo-EE). It’s a culmination of the […]

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