Stars Shine at the Hawaii Five-O Premiere

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It’s a star-studded red carpet premiere in Waikiki tonight, as the cast of Hawaii Five-O descended on Waikiki for Sunset on the Beach.

Hawaii Aloha Travel’s Aloha Bruce was there ON the red carpet interviewing the cast and bringing us live coverage via Periscope. The weather even cooperated, after some light rain began to fall in Waikiki around 4:00 p.m.

Last year, Hawaii Aloha Travel’s/Hawaii Jeep Tours Aloha Bruce was in the middle of the action.

By 6:00 p.m., the stars of the show began to make their way down the red carpet, graciously stopping for interviews with reporters.

One of the first arrivals was Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Adam Noshimuri on the show. He gushed about the support he and the cast have received from their loyal fans. He told Team H50 on Periscope, “thanks for all your support over the years.”

The show’s biggest stars are always on-hand at the Sunset on the Beach Hawaii Five-0 premiere

Executive Director Peter Lenkov talked to Team H50 about how the show has evolved over the past six seasons, “When I look back at early episodes, they’ve matured. They’ve grown. So they’ve continually evolve. In terms of characters, they’ve continually evolved. He added some tidbits about Season Six. “It’s all about relationships. They continually evolve.”

When asked what Alex O’Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarrett, liked doing best, he told Team H50, “Watching my kids grow is the best thing in the world. This is great, but it’s nothing like that.” About his favorite Waikiki haunt, he told them, “The duke statue because we have the same birthday.”

Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Chin Ho Kelly on the show, thanked his fans for their loyalty. “Thanks very much for watching. I appreciate each and every one of you.” His favorite thing to do in Waikiki? “I like walking around Waikiki late at night when the tourists are gone, and you can walk the beach.”

Grace Park, who plays Kono Kalakaua, wore Versace and looked radiant on the red carpet. When asked by Team 50 what she’s looking forward to this season, she answered that she wanted “to see how Kono’s going to grow. People think she’s strong, but what are here internal workings? She’s still growing up.”

Even John Ondrasik from the band, Five for Fighting, walked the red carpet. He wrote an original song for the show that he will perform tonight at the premiere. He told Team 50, “I was honored to write a song for Hawiai Five-O.”

The common theme of the night? Gratitude. Nearly every cast member and show executive expressed how thankful they are that the show has found success through six seasons.

Here’s to Season Seven!

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