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Flying to Hawaii to escape the bone-chilling, negative-degree weather back home?

Hawaii winter is by far much warmer than anywhere on the mainland, and if you’re looking for something fun to do (well that’s a no-brainer), then I have the perfect activity for you. It’s sure to bring out the kid in you or maybe even bring back some fond childhood memories.

Ready for it? I’m talking about playing in some “island snow.”

You can find this metaphorical island snow at Kailua Beach, where it’s not white but yellow, rather, and definitely not freezing cold. This kind of “snow” is always warm to the touch. The beach is ironically and conveniently located five minutes from the shave ice shop called Island Snow, where President Barack Obama goes during his Hawaiian Holiday. His visits are what inspired the store to create the Snowbama shave ice flavor.

But back to the beach. A large mound of sand, about 25-feet tall, sits next to the Kailua Canal. For the past couple of months, the city has been using big machinery to move the sand and prevent further erosion. Around Thanksgiving, however, is when this nostalgic treasure was formed.

The other morning, my boyfriend and I ate breakfast at Cinnamon’s and decided to drive to Kailua Beach for a leisurely – yet blustery – stroll. I had heard about the sand slide but wanted to see it with my own eyes. And when I finally did, the sight of this massive mound made the kid in me smile with glee. It brought back memories of when my siblings and I would find a sand slide to boogie board down (similar to sled down). And no matter the size of the mound, I would always get the same adrenaline rush.

View from on top of the sand mound.

Kailua Beach has always been a favorite beach for local and visiting ohana (family). As the sun begins to rise, beach-goers start their day off with a beautiful stroll along the shore and end their days doing just the same. If it’s a weekend or a school break, then you’ll hear kids laughing and splashing in the gentle waves. You’ll see kayakers and kite surfers going back and forth.

And now, one more activity has been added to the list of things to do there. You can “sled” down this manmade sand slide, as if you were actually playing in the snow! The best weapon of choice would be a boogie board, but feel free to experiment with other sled-like devices. As long as you’re having fun and staying safe, that’s all that matters. Just don’t forget to wait your turn!


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