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Stepping onto an island always evokes a sense of wonder. While there are countless ways to explore Waikiki, the real essence lies in the tales, traditions, and treasures shared by its very own people. And that’s precisely what the Romer Waikiki at The Ambassador promises its guests – an authentic neighborhood experience.

Imagine checking into a hotel where your room key is not just a key. The artistically crafted card unlocks a realm of curated neighborhood maps, local events, and exclusive experiences That’s the Romer way.

A Boots-on-the-Ground Approach

Formerly known as the Ambassador Hotel Waikiki, this completely renovated space boasts 368 elegantly casual rooms, with every corner having a story. There are spaces for every kind of traveler – from solo globetrotters to families. Picture yourself stepping onto a private lanai, lounging in cozy corners, and basking in details that stand out. Like the all-gender uniforms, intricately designed by the renowned Hawaiian designer, Matt Bruening. And let’s not forget the mesmerizing view – the shimmering coastlines of Waikiki.

But it’s not just about the rooms. The hotel’s architecture and design narrate tales of a bygone era while also embracing the modern vibe of Waikiki. Its distinct exterior speaks of a legacy from the 1960s. As you enter, the stunning lava rock wall in the lobby draws your eyes – a tribute to Hawaii’s volcanic roots. And that’s not it. The walls come alive with the artwork of local gems like J.D. Nālamakūikapō Ahsing, Susan Maddux, Brennan Alexa, and Kris Goto. The vibrant hues, interspersed with refreshing green, paint a picture of local street art beautifully contrasting the green Hawaiian canvas.

Discovering Waikiki Through Romer’s Unique Experience

Want to unwind? Head to Romer’s Waikiki Swim & Social Club on the third floor. Imagine sipping your favorite drink by the pool, munching on delightful bites, and surrounded by a chill cabana ambiance. And for food lovers, an open-air restaurant awaits your presence in 2024, promising dishes infused with local flavors.

Under the trusted umbrella of Highgate, Romer isn’t just a hotel. It’s a representation of the local landscape, shaped by the neighborhood’s pulse and passion. Romer’s mission is to offer a boutique experience, embedding hotels into the cultural tapestry of the locale. Watch out, New Yorkers! Romer Hell’s Kitchen is gracing the Big Apple this fall, and Romer House Waikiki is following in the spring of 2024.

Giving Back

A stay at Romer is also a step towards making a difference. Highgate Hotels in Hawaii, with gems like Romer Waikiki at the Ambassador, is on a mission. With every booking, the Highgate Charitable Foundation receives a $10 donation, aiming to raise $1 million for Maui families and community aid.”. If you wish to join in their noble cause, do check out Highgate Hawaii’s Love Maui donation page.

Embark on a journey like never before. Dive deep into Waikiki’s heart with Romer. Book, experience, and treasure memories that last a lifetime with Hawaii Aloha Travel. To book your Hawaiian trip give us a call or use our Trip Planner.