Primo Beer Back in the 808 State

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Back in the 1960’s the local brew to drink in Hawaii was Primo Beer. About ten years ago, the beer was discontinued when parent company Stroh Brewing decided to stop production. So Primo lovers were more than ecstatic to learn that their beloved beer was back and available this week on Oahu. Once the island’s top selling beer, this 100 year old beverage is now available in local bars, restaurants and markets starting today.

Known as a blue-collar beer, Primo had been part of the island scene since 1898. The re-launch of Primo is great for beer drinkers both old and new, allowing them to experience a premium beer and a special part of Hawaii’s past. Company spokespeople claim the brew will taste even better – retaining its unique balance of flavor and smoothness.

Stroh decided last year to bring back the brand as a premium lager to compete with the likes of Heineken. The draft version is brewed locally by Keoki Brewing Co. of Kauai and features cane sugar grown on Maui.

Historically the beer has been popular with Hawaii’s famed watermen for decades. People have a lot of aloha for Primo and passion associated with the brand. People would collect the different Primo bottles and promotional items like Aloha shirts and hats, now they are collectible items.

The new Primo is endorsed by surfer Keoni Watson who says the beer is a perfect compliment to local foods like poke and SPAM musubi. So if you are in Hawaii I say indulge in the local culinary scene and wash it down with Hawaii’s tasty historic larger.

Images by Honolulu Advertiser