Pau Hana Meaning: The Happiest Hour in Hawaii

pau hana meaning
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Looking for pau hana meaning? You must be in Hawaii, where this is a common phrase echoed by locals celebrating the end of a hard day’s work. 

In fact, Pau Hana means “done with work.” It’s a time of relaxation and socializing in Hawaii. 

But even if you’re on vacation, thousands of miles away from work, you can still enjoy the spirit of pau hana meaning in Hawaii. Read on to learn more!

Hawaii’s Happy Hour

Almost every day, gorgeous Hawaiian sunsets go home with visitors through the lens of their cameras. Each photo shines brighter than the other, warming the room and bringing back memories from an unforgettable Hawaii vacation. One sunset memory, however, shines brighter than the others, and that’s pau hana time!

Similar to happy hour, pau hana in Hawaii can be enjoyed on land or in the ocean. It’s a cheer to the end of a good day with good food, delectable drinks, and cheek-throbbing laughs.

So, if you see “pau hana” specials at a bar or restaurant, you’re looking at our local version of happy hour!

And at many restaurants, the meaning of pau hana goes beyond alcohol. Burgers, garlic fries, and bruschetta? Most places offer special deals for these taste-bud-loving treats that the underaged or non-alcoholic drinkers may enjoy, too. 

And it’s pretty easy to get filled up on a few pupu (appetizers) dishes without having to spend your entire day’s paycheck. Who wouldn’t be happy at this hour?

Hawaii has tons of pau hana options. To see some of the best spots for an afternoon drink, head over to It lists deals and events for more than 100 restaurants across the main islands (Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and Kauai) and is so easy to use. 

The True Meaning of Pau Hana

Sure, pau hana is a great chance to get good deals on food and drink. But to locals and residents, there is so much more to the meaning of pau hana. Most people work hard to be able to live in Hawaii (the cost of living is incredibly high here). So, time off work is treasured. 

Whether we spend it with tons of friends or our immediate family, we try to enjoy Pau Hana every day. 

And we encourage you to bring home the meaning of pau hana with you. Sure, you don’t want to think about returning to work yet. But when you do, you’ll be able to see the end of each day as a chance to celebrate and enjoy the best of life. 

Planning Your Hawaii Itinerary

Here’s to one more day ‘til the weekend! Cheers! Want to celebrate with your own Pau Hana? Book your Hawaiian trip by giving us a call or using our Hawaii Trip Planner.