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Every year, painters set up their easels throughout Maui’s scenic landscapes, and capture the beauty of the island with just a paintbrush. It’s part of the annual Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational that features 25 professional plein air (outdoor) painters from throughout the nation, including Hawaii.

The weeklong event allows visitors to see the Valley Isle in all its different colors and in its most flattering shades, too. The freshly-painted art will be on display at community galleries and resorts. Most events, however, take place in public areas, where hundreds of onlookers get a chance to watch the artists in action.

In addition to observing the live outdoor art gallery, visitors can meet the artists. There’ll be a talk story showing at The Village Gallery, where you can talk art over coffee and donuts. Well-known painters, including Maui’s George Allan and Kauai’s Pierre Bouret, will be there. Bouret’s most known for his ability to really bring out the natural lights of a landscape. Every painting looks so inviting and warm.

Fellow painters attending the events will understand just how difficult a task it may be to paint outdoors. It’s like an art in itself – figuring out where to set up, taking into account the angles and lighting and having a game plan in case of bad weather. These factors contribute to what’ll eventually end up on the blank canvas.

There’s no doubt that Maui has a lot of options for artists to paint. It’s one of my favorite islands because everything about it is just so aesthetically pleasing. One of my most vivid memories of Maui growing up is when we went surfing at a beach in Lahaina. I paddled out to the peak, and as soon as I turned around to face the shore, all I saw was mountain; not concrete skyscrapers or hills dotted with homes. It was simply Hawaii in its purest form.

MAUI PLEIN AIR PAINTING INVITATIONAL • Weeklong event every February • www.mauipleinairpainting.org

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