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Do you know where the phrase, “Once in a blue moon,” comes from?

It comes from the unusual occurrence of having two full moons in one month; hence, the phrase is used to mean rare or seldom. Look to the skies this Friday (Aug. 31, 2012) for an actual blue moon – the last one until 2015. But don’t expect to see an azure color. “Blue moon” refers to the rarity of it and not the color; it’ll be the usual pearly-gray hue.

According to scientists, full moons are separated by 29 days, and because most months are 30 or 31 days long, it’s possible to fit two full moons into one month. There has, however, been evidence of the moon being a blue color in 1883, the year an Indonesian volcano exploded. As the plumes of ash rose to the skies, the moon started to turn blue and remained that way for years.

The moon has been a popular topic so far this year. We told you about the red moon and the super moon and how you’re guaranteed to get the best view of it while in Hawaii. It’s easier to escape the bright city lights; therefore, allowing the moon to light up the skies to its fullest potential. And Hawaii is the perfect place to take part in after-hour activities, such as night surfing or night hiking. You’d be surprise to find that you’re not the only one in the ocean or on a mountain during the dark hours. I blame the nice warm weather for making outdoor fun during Hawaii vacations after dark a possibility!


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