Nowhere to Park in Honolulu? Our Top Three Parking Websites

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We’ve all heard of the parking nightmares that are part of daily life in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. But, in Honolulu?

Yep, sometimes I have to remember we live on an island, and there’s only so much space available (plus, Honolulu is the 12th largest city in the U.S.). Add to that the extra rental cars on the roads, and you have a recipe for a major parking problem.

Luckily, there are a few websites that can help you park in Honolulu — you just need to know where to look:

    1. ParkMe: gives users a few ways to find parking on its website. When you open the site, you can type-in your destination OR choose from some pre-selected popular venues. Just provide your dates and times you’ll need parking, and you can see the available lots that are nearby. An added bonus: The site tells you how long it will take you to walk from parking to your destination AND all rates (including times and days you didn’t initially request). And, of course, it tells you if there are open spots at the time you requested. Overall, a great website if you need parking and nydon’t mind walking a bit to your destination (company also has an available app).

At, you can also get a visual photo of the parking structure, so you know you’re at the right place!

    2. BestParking: is also a nationwide parking website, where you can find Honolulu parking (just type in “Honolulu” as your city). I like this website because, once you enter the dates and times you’ll need parking, a map appears with little “balloons” showing users where the lots are located, along with pricing. When you click on the “balloon” you want, more details will pop-up and show you exact rates, hours, etc. Since I’m a visual user, this website is most helpful for me. However, I didn’t see walking-distances on the site, which was a real bummer (company also has an available app)

3.Parkopedia: seems to combine some of the best features from ParkMe and BestParking into one website. Not only do you have a map with the pop-up feature for easy navigating, but you also have walking distances provided from the parking space to your destination. I didn’t see a feature in which you can enter your dates and times, so all info is non-specific. But, if you click on the pop-up, you can view all the details about the parking space, such as hours of operation, price, etc (company also has an available app).

At, you can see parking details, that include time, place, phone number, price, and price variations.

Of course, there is another solution to the problem of where to park in Honolulu: Don’t rent a car. Instead, you can certainly get-by using taxis, The Bus, or even the Waikiki Trolley. Or, better yet, consider booking your activities through Hawaii Aloha Travel — many of our  Hawaii activities, such as the Aloha Plate Food Tour, Oahu Parasailing, and the Oahu Paragliding Experience have transportation included in the price of tickets. So, you don’t even need to worry about parking!

Bottom line: Parking can be a real hassle in Honolulu, especially during peak visitor months, days, and times. So, save yourself the trouble of wandering aimlessly in your rental car looking for a space, and check-out some of these parking websites. That way, you have more time to enjoy amazing Honolulu!

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