Maui’s Iao Valley State Park

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When people think of Maui, they think it is a place of relaxation and site seeing. That is a fact from the number of tourists from the US and International Countries. One of the most popular places to see is the Iao (Ee Oww/Ee Au) Needle in Iao Valley past the Hawaii Nature Center in Wailuku Maui. Iao Valley is a great place to swim, have a picnic, sightsee, and take nature hikes. Locals and visitors have a great time up there.


  • Parking is at your own risk.
  • Make sure no valuables are left in your rental. (Utilize your hotel’s safety depository before departing the hotel for your Iao Valley visit)
  • Lock your vehicles doors.
  • For the Disabled, there are Regulated ADA stalls available.
  • Enjoy your visit

Swimming at Iao:

  • Tips for swimming as follows,
  • If you see a Park Ranger, ask them what conditions are like and to find out if any Advisories are in order
  • Swim at your own risk for there are no life guards on post
  • Judge the water flow
  • During Flash Flood Advisories do NOT Swim in the canals
  • Do Not Jump off bridges or cliffs
  • Enjoy the water if you do enter the water

Picnics at Iao;

  • Pack everything in reusable containers to minimize trash
  • Use designated bungalows and pavilions
  • Be Akamai (Smart) and don’t litter the Aina (land/area)
  • Enjoy the views!

Hiking at Iao:
For the amateur hiker, it is probably wise to check in with the State Park Rangers or Police for weather conditions for it does rain there frequently. Make sure to pack sun screen, water/any kind of drinks (except liquor), some trail mix,, camera, cell phone, and bring a first aid kit in case you get a minor cut or injury. Please do not litter and throw your garbage away in the trash cans there for fines and citations are pretty stiff if you get caught for illegal littering by park officials. Wear something loose like t-shirt, shorts or pants, and shoes (sports or athletic shoes preferred) and bring a hiking stick with you for support. You can always find a sturdy wooden one on the ground there too. Always stay on the marked trails and don’t go off track. Use your best judgment whether or not to hike.

That covers Iao Valley in Wailuku Maui. Hope you enjoy your stay here on Maui when you do decide to come and visit. Always check back to our website for more blog posts about Maui and Hawaii vacations.